137: Joey Mure and Russ Morgan – Achieving Wealth Without Wall Street


On this episode, we sat down with Joey Mure and Russ Morgan, of Wealth Without Wall Street. Russ and Joey are serial entrepreneurs and currently operate 19 short term rentals along with several other investment strategies. They love to talk about the challenges and motivations they experience as business owners and helping others pursue financial freedom.

The wall street mindset separates families, entrepreneurs, and business owners from their money while others use it for their advantage. The secret to freedom is having your money work for you, not someone else, when wealth building. Both Russ and Joey work tirelessly to be the hub for financial insight and education for individuals, business owners and investors nationwide. We believe that taking control over your finances will lead to greater prosperity and a more stress free way of life. We invite you to join our community as you take control of your path to financial freedom. Joining the community will allow you to make better decisions regarding your financial future through coaching, access to legal and tax experts, and networking with like minded individuals who are exploring multiple ways to create passive income.

Russ’ creativity, fresh ideas, and knack for problem solving are indispensable assets to his role at Wealth Without Wall Street. Russ would describe himself as competitive, creative, and passionate; his colleagues would likely add that he is helpful and abundant. Joey’s strengths in building relationships, asking great questions, and influencing and empowering people with the Wealth Without Wall Street message make him invaluable to the company’s mission. He is relational, impactful, and a true leader. His colleagues would add that he’s thoughtful, funny, and a family man.

Check out https://go.wealthwithoutwallstreet.com/passport for a free gift from Russ and Joey.

On this episode you will hear about:

* How to create certainty in your future and create a life worth living.
* Three simple steps to Financial Freedom.
* How to stop sending money away and use it to work for you.
* Why chasing zero debt will never get you anywhere.
* How you might be able to earn a return in two places at the same time with the same money.

Production Credits:
The Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was hosted, produced, and edited by Tony Lopes. Joey Mure and Russ Morgan joined us remotely, via Google Meet.

Executive Producer – Tony Lopes (SoftStix Productions LLC – info@softstixproductions.com)

Host – Tony Lopes

Guests – Joey Mure and Russ Morgan (www.wealthwithoutwallstreet.com)

Editor – Tony Lopes

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