135: Christopher Hamze – How Anyone Can Start an E-Commerce Business


On this episode, we sat down with Christopher Hamze. Christopher has been searching for print on demand his entire life, he just didn’t know it. His early entrepreneurial efforts started with a candy shop at the age of 8 to then helping grow the family pizza business through his teens. Even after pursuing an MBA and law degree, Chris always knew something was missing. He knew he had the entrepreneurial spirit but he just didn’t know what to do with it.

That’s when he discovered print on demand. After 8 years and over 4 million items fulfilled, he still spends every day doing what he loves – helping people start and grow businesses with print on demand. From running the equipment and designing workflow solutions, Christopher does it all.

Teelaunch is the first thing he thinks about every morning when he wakes up and it’s the last thing he thinks about before going to sleep. If you need help running your print on demand based business, get in touch with Christopher today!

Visit teelaunch here: https://teelaunch.com/

On this episode you will hear about:

* An explanation about “print on demand.”
* We demystify how hard it is to start an e-commerce (print on demand) business.
* We talk about how print on demand is more than simple stuff, like T-shirts.
* How you can also create items like crystals, rugs, cutting boards, headphones, etc.
* Why you no longer have to be an expert at marketing to sell products online.
* The one piece of advice Christopher would give to someone who is unsure about getting started in e-commerce.

Production Credits:
The Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was hosted, produced, and edited by Tony Lopes.  Christopher Hamze  joined us remotely, via Google Meet.

Executive Producer – Tony Lopes (SoftStix Productions LLC – info@softstixproductions.com)

Host – Tony Lopes

Guest – Christopher Hamze

Editor – Tony Lopes

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