133: Tom Stern – Use Intention and Your Voice to Build Courage


On this episode, we spoke with Tom Stern, writer of Fear Less, Sell More: Find Your Courage and Make Millions. Tom was the black sheep in a family of lions. Tom’s father was one of the founders of cable television, and his great grandfather, a prominent philanthropist, was the CEO and chairman of Sears, Roebuck and Co. at the turn of the twentieth century. As an ADHD child with dyslexia, Tom was unable to live up to those lofty expectations, and as a result, suffered from extreme anxiety. Over time, by developing his creativity, as a jazz musician, stand-up comedian, writer/producer for HBO, and comic strip creator, he found his greatest success in sales. First as a talent agent for celebrity comedians and then as president of his own executive search firm. Leveraging what he calls “sales expression” he has sustained excellence in the business world for over a quarter century. Tom’s passion is influence, using logic and emotion to engender courage in others. It is Tom’s goal to help others achieve success in sales and realize their dreams by overcoming their fears.  His new book is now available through Tom’s site: tomsterncentral.com/.

On this episode you will hear about:

* What vocal expression is
* How to maximize the utilization of your imagination
* Courage and where it comes from
* How to use intention, along with your voice, to bolster your courage
* What sales expression is
* How Tom’s success and failures informed his life and my book
* Making a connection with other people, utilizing sales expressiveness

Production Credits:
The Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was hosted, produced, and edited by Tony Lopes.  Tom Stern  joined us remotely, via Google Meet.

Executive Producer – Tony Lopes (SoftStix Productions LLC – info@softstixproductions.com)

Host – Tony Lopes

Guest – Tom Stern

Editor – Tony Lopes

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