128: Rocky Lalvani – Make Profit a Priority!


On this episode, we sat down with Rocky Lalvani. Rocky serves as Chief Profitability Advisor for business owners. He teaches them how to ensure they get paid and they make profit a priority! As a certified Profit First Professional he implements Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First System.  We change the accounting formula of Sales – Expenses = Profit to Sales – Profit = Expenses.  This ensures Profit comes first! (PS. It’s not about money at all costs, people come before money!) 

On this episode you will hear about:

How to make profit your priority
Why you should work backwards, from the sales and profit you want to fund your lifestyle, to make profit a priority
How to figure out how to make your business fulfill your life
Why you should choose the best clients for your business, and not necessarily take on every client that comes your way
How to get to the next level
How to think outside the box to find the solutions to scaling your business

Production Credits:
The Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was hosted, produced, and edited by Tony Lopes. Rocky Lalvani joined us remotely, via Google Meet.

Executive Producer – Tony Lopes (SoftStix Productions LLC – info@softstixproductions.com)

Host – Tony Lopes

Guest – Rocky Lalvani (https://profitcomesfirst.com/)

Editor – Tony Lopes

The Self Made Strategies Podcast is sponsored by Lopes Law LLC (www.LopesLawLLC.com).

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