112: Jaclyn DiGregorio – Why You Need to Start Throwing so much Spaghetti out into the Universe Something MUST Stick


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112: Jaclyn DiGregorio – Why You Need to Start Throwing so much Spaghetti out into the Universe Something MUST Stick

On this episode, we bring you the Self Made Strategies of Jaclyn DiGregorio. When Jaclyn was a 21 year old college student, she found herself in a corporate internship questioning what she really wanted out of life.

Then, without experience or savings, she decided to take a leap of faith in starting her own business. 4 years later, she is now running a thriving 6-figure business, has coached dozens of women, written 2 best-selling books, and has spoken at many colleges, conferences and corporations across the U.S.

Jaclyn believes that we all have the potential inside of us to create lives we absolutely love. Unfortunately, our brains like to make up lies about why this might be possible for someone else, but not for us.

The good news is, that those things are simply not true.

You check out Jaclyn’s books, courses, and more by visiting her website: https://www.jaclyndigregorio.com
On this episode you will hear Jaclyn discuss:

* Why starting a business may be harder than it seems
* Practical steps for applying the law of attraction to your life
* How belief and action interplay with regard to creating the life you have dreamt about
* Morning rituals to achieve short term goals
* Why you should start writing down your dreams/beliefs/goals, and all of the possible ways that they can come to fruition
* The power found in playing with energy
* Advice on developing your own morning routines
* Why you should start believing that you can create anything in your life

Production Credits:
This Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was hosted, produced and edited by Tony Lopes, in Philly, PA USA.  Jaclyn DiGregorio joined us remotely, via Zoom, from the Philly suburbs, in PA.

The Self Made Strategies Podcast is sponsored by Lopes Law LLC (www.LopesLawLLC.com).

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