111: Bo-Dean Sanders – Lines of Communication in Diversity and Inclusion


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111: Bo-Dean Sanders – Lines of Communication in Diversity and Inclusion

On this episode, we bring you the Self Made Strategies of Bo-Dean Sanders. B0-Dean transferred from Cheyney University, the oldest Historically Black College-University (HBCU) in America, to Villanova University, where he played football on a majority white team. He writes about diversity & inclusion in sports and the positive impact multiculturalism had on his personal relationships in college. 

Bo-Dean’s new book, “Race Against…Against Race,” is Bo-Dean’s memoir about transcending stereotypes through the foundation of sports. He provides a unique perspective on building relationships with teammates and classmates from different socio-economic backgrounds and races by reaching out, talking, and listening.

It’s the story of one young athlete’s dream of playing college football and the racial divides that unfolded as he tried to fit in on a predominantly white campus.  He slowly integrates into his new environment by staying positive and focusing on shared experiences like chasing dreams.

While painting a picture of a student athletes’ campus life in the ‘80s, Sanders aims to examine the issues of race through his participation in college sports.

He discovered that he and his teammates learned from each other to develop and grow relationships based on mutual respect and acceptance.

You check out Bo-Dean’s book (on Amazon) by visiting this link: https://www.amazon.com/Race-Against-Journey-Diversity-Inclusion/dp/1631953559
On this episode you will hear Bo-Dean discuss:

* How Bo-Dean’s experiences can help with Diversity and Inclusion initiatives
* Why a positive mindset is important in overcoming culture shock
* How lessons from organized sports are relevant to diversity and inclusion initiatives
* Simple advice for finding common ground with someone
* Why competition needs to be removed from networking

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This Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was hosted, produced and edited by Tony Lopes, in Philly, PA USA.  Bo-Dean Sanders joined us remotely, via Zoom, from Delaware County, PA.

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