090: David April, How Combining Divorce, Beer, Running and Cancer Created a Movement That is Raising Money for Nonprofits


David April, Founder of Fishtown Beer Runners

Our guest on this episode was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015.  At that point, his life changed forever professionally. He’s worked as a tour program coordinator for the state of New Jersey since 2002. There he has directed the development and management of the New Jersey state house tour program.  Including interpretive programs, civic education initiatives, and visitor services, but that’s not why he’s here on our show. He’s joining us because of the innovative approach. He took to one of his great passions running in 2007, facing a divorce. He founded the Fishtown Beer Runners, a citywide running club that raises awareness and funds for various charities.

Fishtown Beer Runners has raised thousands of dollars annually for national and local charities, including the American Cancer Society, the National Kidney Foundation, Philabundance, and Back On My Feet.  Fishtown Beer Runners has also developed partnerships and events with over 200 businesses, nonprofits and civic organizations.

Their membership has increased from two runners at the beginning, all the way up to 4,000 runners through direct solicitation, traditional marketing and social media marketing.  Fishtown Beer Runners has initiated 20 national chapters as well as 50 international chapters and has been designated best running club by Philadelphia Magazine. He has also been nominated a Philadelphia health hero by Be Well Philly.

Here are the Self Made Strategies of David April.
On this episode you will hear David discuss:

* How the idea for Fishtown Beer Runners came about
* Why having a beer after a run might actually be good for you
* How he grew the group
* What caused the group to grow nationally and internationally
* Lessons learned from years of raising funds for charities

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