087: Alex Hillman – How Building Communities Led to the 100 Lessons That Made Up the Book “The Tiny MBA”


Episode 087 – Alex Hillman, Author of “The Tiny MBA: 100 Very Short Lessons about the Long Game of Business”

Our guest on this episode just can’t leave well enough alone.  He co-founded Indy Hall, Philadelphia’s first co-working space, in 2006, and kickstarted the co-working boom that has exploded today.  In 2009, he co-founded “Stacking The Bricks” with Amy Hoy, where they taught creative people how to bootstrap their own businesses.

Since 2019, he has been working tirelessly to help 10,000 people become sustainably independent by 2029. Through the 10k Independents Project, he and his collaborators are taking on the issues that hamper entrepreneurship such as access to affordable healthcare, skill-building, legislative support for solo businesses, and more.

He is a serial-entrepreneur, but not a jerk, and he shares his experience and opinions generously on Twitter where the 100 tips that make up the book he recently authored, “The Tiny MBA,” first appeared. You can “@” him @alexhillman.

He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and friends, and loves food, travel, red wine or whiskey, and karaoke.

Here for your listening pleasure are the Self Made Strategies of Alex Hillman.

You can check out Alex’s new book here: https://www.amazon.com/Tiny-MBA-Short-Lessons-Business-ebook/dp/B08DJ8ZDZV
On this episode you will hear Alex discuss:

* How he came up with the idea for the book, The Tiny MBA: 100 Very Short Lessons about the Long Game of Business
* Nilofer Merchant (whose work you can check out here: https://atwork.substack.com/), in her foreword to the book, calls it the “anti-MBA,” but Alex is not really “anti” anything, he’s a community builder, so we discussed what objective he hopes to accomplish with this book
* “Most business decisions are relatively reversible. If you have a decision that doesn’t seem reversible, try looking for ways to shrink the decision into smaller parts. That way, it’s cheap or free to undo the decision if things don’t go the way you expect.”
* “Money psychology impacts the ability to build a sustainable business in a massive way, but most people haven’t ever analyzed their own money psychology for habits and flaws.”
* Alex’s theories on bootstrapping
* The 10k Independents Project and why Alex started it

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