081: Greg Star – How Combining Rideshare with Advertising Led to Carvertise


Episode 081 – Greg Star, Co-Founder of Carvertise

This week’s guest is the Co-Founder of the largest ride-share/private vehicle advertising service in the United States, and the recent recipient of the Delaware SBA’s 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as well as the 2015 Junior Achievement of Delaware’s Business Benchmark award. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Preston’s March for energy, a nonprofit that provides adaptive bicycles to children with special needs.  His ride-share/private vehicle advertising company, Carvertise (https://carvertise.com/), has had 300% year-over-year revenue growth and has created a driver network of over 350,000 drivers across 48 states. Working with clients such as Discover, Lyft, EA Sports, and Buffalo Wild Wings, Carvertise has launched over 500 major advertising campaign across the United States. Carvertise was named DIW’s 2015 Tech Startup of the Year and has been covered by major press outlets including Forbes, Inc Magazine, WHYY, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The NewsJournal, and Delaware Today.

He is also considered a thought leader on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Networking, and is currently a contributor for the Philadelphia Business Journal, as well as several other regional business journals.

Here for your listening pleasure are the Self Made Strategies of Greg Star.
On this episode you will hear Greg discuss:

* The hardest part about starting Carvertise and introducing a new concept to market
* How Greg felt when Carvertise started to catch on, and Greg started receiving rewards and recognition for his innovative concept
* What Greg wishes he had known when he started Carvertise
* How Greg and his co-founder, Mac, came up with the concept to drive higher brand recall, better data verification, and more precise geo-targeting led to Carvertise partnering with top brands
* The specific roadblocks Greg advises other startups to watch out for
* Why innovators and startups need to surround themselves with smart advisors
* How conducting client surveys, and staying customer-centric, has helped Carvertise to continue growing roughly 300% year after year
* Greg’s reasons behind why some startups fail

Production Credits:
This Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was produced and hosted by Tony Lopes, REMOTELY (because we are obeying the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines) in Philadelphia;and edited by the team at SoftStix Productions LLC.

The Self Made Strategies Podcast is sponsored by Lopes Law LLC (www.LopesLawLLC.com).

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