078: Adam Swords – Swrdz.com and AdamSwords.com


Episode 078 – Adam Swords, of Swrdz.com and AdamSwords.com

This week’s guest was born and raised in Warwickshire, England and is now living in Los Angeles, California.  He always had a creative inclination that he would explore as a child by drawing the ideas he had in his head. But he could never realize those ideas on paper and it wasn’t until he picked up a camera that he was able to finally translate those images and stories into something tangible. He’s always photographed the things he’s most passionate about, which lead him to the worlds of high-end automobiles, luxury lifestyle and martial arts (because those are the things he is most passionate about, and because he is a martial artist). From California to Corsica, and everything in between his clients include: McLaren, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda Motorcycles, Dell, Callaway, Canon, Sony, Microsoft and Nokia.

His latest projects include work with Record Producer Michael Blakely, his own everyday adventure apparel brand (aptly named Swrdz – swrdz.com), and the brand new “Adam’s Words” Podcast.

Here, for your listening pleasure, are the Self Made Strategies of Adam Swords.
On this episode we discussed:

* How Adam got his start in photography (check out his work here: http://www.adamswords.com/)
* Why taking a chance, after facing a cancellation, led to a meeting with a creative director in London that catapulted Adam’s career
* How Adam “pounded the pavement” with his portfolio in hand to get more work
* Adams latest projects, including working with Record Producer Michael Blakely
* Adam’s leap into his own everyday adventure apparel brand (aptly named Swrdz – swrdz.com)
* And Adam’s brand new “Adam’s Words” Podcast

Production Credits:
This Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was produced, edited, and hosted by Tony Lopes, REMOTELY (because we are obeying the COVID-19 isolation orders) in Philadelphia.  The Self Made Strategies Podcast is sponsored by Lopes Law LLC (www.LopesLawLLC.com).

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