072: Colin Stuckert, Wild Foods Co & The Ancestral Mind.com


Episode 072, with Colin Stuckert, Founder and CEO Wild Foods Co & The Ancestral Mind.com

Colin Stuckert is the CEO/Founder of Wild Foods Co and The Ancestral Mind.com. He is a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses under his belt. His past life as a professional poker player, CrossFitter, and gym owner laid the foundation for finding his life’s work and moving to Austin, Texas to pursue his next big thing.

Colin is also focused on making a difference in our current understanding of health and nutrition. His passions include Ancestral Health, Productivity, Mindset, Real Food and Ingredients. He is obsessed with the truisms of health, Colin lives his life based on the “Ancestral Mindset.” By understanding our evolutionary past, he believes we can reverse our failing health through a consciously designed lifestyle that eschews “common knowledge” from so-called “experts.” 

He is on a mission to save as many people as possible from the dangerous dogma promoted by bad science, big pharma, and big food.

About Wild Foods:

Wild Foods was founded out of his passion for food, nutrition and a personal obsession with optimizing for health and longevity. Wild Foods sells Real Food products and supplements focused on supporting a healthy body and mind and living in accordance with nature. In Jan 2015, Colin listed his first Wild Foods product on Amazon and made $350 in sales. By December of that year, he reached the $500,000 in sales mark, with average monthly seals surpassing $50,000. The second year in business, the company hit 7 figures and has grown every year since.
Here is Wild Foods Mission:
Our Wild Mission is to empower 50 million people with the knowledge they can use to say NO to Big Food, Big Pharma, Bad Science and Dangerous Health and Nutrition Dogma!
On this episode we discussed:

* How to increase the efficiency of your team by engaging in more focused “Deep Work”
* What exactly is Ancestral Health, and why should it apply to all humans 
* Colin’s best practices for being a successful entrepreneur
* Colin’s advice on marketing (common mistakes, best practices, ideas, etc.)
* Why you should read Steven Pressfield’s War of Art (hint: it applies to entrepreneurs also)
* Colin’s advice on increasing your focus 

Production Credits:
This Self Made Strategies Podcast is a SoftStix Productions LLC jawn. This episode was produced, edited, and hosted by Tony Lopes, REMOTELY (because we are obeying the COVID-19 isolation orders) in Philadelphia.  The Self Made Strategies Podcast is sponsored by Lopes Law LLC (www.LopesLawLLC.com).

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