062: Jared Cannon of Simply Good Jars, Triple Bottom Line Success


Episode 062 with Jared Cannon, Founder + CEO at Simply Good Jars (www.simplygoodjars.com)

About Jared Cannon and Simply Good Jars:
Jared Cannon, is the Chef, Founder and CEO of Simply Good Jars.

Simply Good Jars’ Mission is to make healthy choices easier and to foster a strong and critical connection between local growers, consumers, communities, and those in need.

They envision a world where each of us can create lasting impact in our communities, on our planet, and on each other by simply rethinking how we all eat. In 2004, Jared attended the culinary Institute of America in New York city. Upon graduation, Jared transitioned to Florida international university in Miami to continue his journey in hospitality management and finished his education at temple university’s top rated Fox school of business with a master’s in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Notably, Jared has led kitchens and teams with companies such as iron Hill brewery and restaurant. The Ritz Carlton hotels, Fs, food group, honey grow and Philadelphia’s famed TRIA when forming Simply Good Jars. Jared took a risk leaving the traditional culinary world. However, his confidence continues in Simply Good Jars, mission to deliver healthy meals in an environmentally friendly manner.

He knows by staying true to the company mission, we can all help lead the fight on combating single use plastics and make meaningful impacts in our communities along the way.

You can visit simplygoodjars.com to get more information.
On today’s episode we will:

* Get to know Jared and hear about Simply Good Jars’ mission
* Discuss strategies to grow a business rapidly
* Hear about why Jared chose to start Simply Good Jars to help the communities they are in


* How to use Social Capitalism (or a Triple Bottom Line structure) to create an organization that stands for more than just profits
* Why Simply Good Jars started as a direct to consumer organization, and eventually added technology
* Jared’s approach to building a successful and empowered team
* The methods Jared has used to ensure his team is empowered to make decisions and stay loyal
* And so much more!

The Self Made Strategies Hustle Story is a SoftStix Productions jawn.  Tony Lopes produced, hosted, and edited this episode.  This episode was recorded on location at the Simply Good Jars Offices.  Self Made Strategies is sponsored by Lopes Law LLC (www.LopesLawLLC.com).

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Tony Lopes: [00:00:22] Welcome to a brand new episode of the self-made strategies podcast. I am your host Tony Lopes, and with me today is Jared Cannon, Chef, Founder and CEO of Simply Good Jars. You can visit simplygoodjars.com to get more information.

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