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Welcome to a very SPECIAL RELEASE of the Self Made Strategies Podcast.
This episode is particularly special for a couple of reasons:

First, despite the strangeness of current events, and the current state of the world, we need some positive and entertaining stories to keep us going.  Most importantly, we are all currently undergoing a very trying time (the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation of March 2020).  Stressful times like these call for, now more than ever, beacon’s of light in the darkness.  Rob Lawless, and his quest to meet and share the stories of 10,000 new people, may be that beacon.

Secondly, it’s actually the Self Made Strategies first anniversary!  One year ago, we launched our podcast, hoping to bring you engaging stories from amazing entrepreneurs and innovators.  We hope that you have enjoyed our show, and look forward to continuing to grow and bring you amazing entrepreneurial content.

We hope you enjoy his story, and message of overcoming adversity using a pragmatic approach and positive thinking.
About Robs10kFriends (From Rob’s bio at http://www.robs10kfriends.com)
back in may of 2013 Rob graduated Summa cum laude from Penn state university with a degree in finance and minors in accounting and entrepreneurship. After graduation, Rob began his career with Deloitte consulting as a business analyst in strategy and operations.

It was his reach job at the time, but about a year and a half into it, Rob pulled the millennial move and took a large pay cut, left the PowerPoint decks in spreadsheets for the laid back $24 million venture funded RJ metrics while at RJ. Rob worked as a sales rep where he cold emailed people every day asking them to hop on the phone for 30 minutes to chat about their product.

His job being in sales, he often received responses like the following actual replies:

* “Take me off your mailing list, cockroach”
* “I understand that this is your job. This being said. If asking a girl out for coffee and she ignores you twice and finally says no, you do NOT ask whether this is a no just now or a now forever – and you certainly do not ask her why you are not her type” (Disclaimer: he has never used this strategy on girls)
* “Not interested (and you’re really starting to annoy me)”

So along with a bunch of those factors that Rob mentions in his first blog post, he started this project to see if he could meet with people to chat for an hour for absolutely no reason. And held his first meeting on November 11th of 2015 he was rejected way less. The responses were all positive and encouraging, and he’s met some amazing people with incredible backgrounds.

Who would all consider themselves normal. On Monday, June 20th of 2016 RJ metrics was acquired by a larger company, which no longer needed Rob’s position, so Rob dove in full time on his endeavor to meet 10,000 different people for an hour each. Since then, Rob’s met over 3,200 people, as we said. As of right now, that’s March of 2020 across 20 cities in the United States and Canada.

And has driven across the United States six separate times and has even been featured by some awesome press sources, including Ryan’s Seacrest on his nationally syndicated radio show on air with Ryan Seacrest as well as your morning, a national Canadian morning show. Rob loves adventure and loves potential.

Over the last three and a half years or so, he’s found this project to have had both, so he’s been greatly satisfied with how it’s gone so far and can’t wait to continue giving it his 110% to see where it takes him in the future. The last thought is he’s had great experiences meeting new people, so if you feel so inclined.

Give it a try and let him know how it goes for you.

You can also check out Rob’s Instagram account, which is

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