054: Building Capacity in Your Organization with Jennifer Gleason of SVP PHL



SVP PHL specifically helps those out to do good, do better, bringing together donors, nonprofits, and social enterprises so we can all make a greater collective impact. SVP Philadelphia cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions, building powerful relationships to tackle our community’s social challenges.

Jennifer Gleason is the managing director of Social Venture Partners, Philadelphia, a role in which she is charged with leading the launch of this transformational new initiative. Earlier in her United Way career, she oversaw capacity building initiatives designed to sustain and strengthen nonprofit partners through leadership development, strategic partnerships, and outcomes measurement.

SVP Philadelphia is a regional network of community leaders and philanthropists who are committed to leveraging their social, financial, and intellectual capital. To provide grants and volunteer assistance to the leaders of high potential nonprofit organizations whose missions can help bring an end to intergenerational poverty.

SVP Philadelphia is part of a global network of more than 3,500 partners in 43 cities who have collectively contributed more than $60 million to over 900 organizations. On today’s episode, we’ll get to know Jennifer and hear more about about SVP PHL, how to create collaborations with industry stakeholders, and we’ll explore best practices for leadership development and strengthening your relationships with strategic partners.

* On today’s episode we will:

* Get to know Jennifer and hear about SVP PHL
* We will discuss Jennifer’s strategies for building capacity
* Discuss the amazing things that SVP PHL is doing for the nonprofit community

What you will learn on this episode:

* Hear about how SVP PHL is helping to combat poverty in Philadelphia
* How to increase opportunities and learn to build a community around your brand by collaborating with like-minded folks
* How to strengthen organizations through investments of financial capital as well as intellectual, social, and cultural capital
* How to use strategic partnerships to help grow your organization
* And so much more!

After you’ve listened to the episode, make sure you visit SVP PHL (https://www.unitedforimpact.org/job/social-venture-partners-associate/) to check out their latest philanthropic efforts.

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Here is the transcript for Episode 054 of the Self Made Strategies Podcast:
Tony Lopes, Esq. – Self Made Strategies & Lopes Law LLC: [00:00:18] Welcome to a brand new episode of the Self Made Strategies podcast. I’m your host Tony Lopes. Joining me today is special guest cohost Katie Wright. Hey Katie, welcome back. Thanks for coming in.

Katie Wright – Right Cause: [00:00:29] Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Tony Lopes, Esq.

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