053: Conquering Your Obstacles and Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life with Logan Sneed of FusionLean, and Author of the Book: “Thank You, Cancer”


The Self Made Strategies Episode with Logan Sneed
Logan went from high school athlete and college freshmen to a stage four Glioblastoma patient overnight.  Essentially that’s brain cancer for those of us who are not doctors. Doctors told Logan he wouldn’t survive his diagnosis, and even if he did, Logan would never have the quality of life he wanted.  Logan refused to believe that. Each time someone told Logan he couldn’t do something, he used it as fuel to prove them wrong. Today, Logan is a 23 year old fitness entrepreneur making a six-figure income in remission and inspiring the world with this story of beating the odds in his new book: Thank you, Cancer: 30 Days to Realize Nothing Is Impossible, out NOW.  Logan challenges us to thank the obstacles that get in our way. In the book, he asks, could you write a letter to your weight, to your debt, to your business? Could you thank it for making you grow? Can you find room to become happier, to enjoy the present and to face the fear and doubt that has held you back by thanking our obstacles?

Logan says: we can become CEO of our lives and the best version of ourselves.
Show Agenda

On today’s episode we will:

Get to know Logan and hear about FusionLean.com, and his new book “Thank You, Cancer”
We will discuss Logan’s strategies for generating revenue online
Logan will share his strategies for overcoming your obstacles

What you will learn on this episode:

How we can become the CEOs of our own lives
How Logan went from college kid (visiting the gym to stay in shape), to having a seizure while driving, to being diagnosed with a Stage 4 Glioblastoma (that’s brain cancer)
How the ketogenetic diet program that helps people see results physically, mentally, and emotionally
* How to scale up to a six figure business
* How to add value to your clients, and price your products and services accordingly
* How to gain control of your own life
* How to slow down, but speed up: meaning slow down to understand where you are, and at the same time speed up in the sense of how much more you can go (all while enjoying the process)
* The meditations Logan uses to gain a competitive advantage
* And so much more!

After you’ve listened to the episode, make sure you visit FusionLean.com (https://www.fusionlean.com/), and head over to Amazon to pick up your copy of Logan’s book: Thank You, Cancer: 30 Days to Realize Nothing Is Impossible (https://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Cancer-Realize-Impossible/dp/1544505019).  


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Here is the transcript of this Episode:
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