Welcome back to another fantastic Self Made Strategies Hustle Story.
In this short sound clip, you will hear about how Marti and Pamela Lieberman knew they were onto something brilliant.  Their bright pink Mac and Cheese food truck, Mac Mart started to gain serious popularity and attention.  You can hear more with them on this week’s Self Made Strategies podcast.
About the SMS Hustle Story
This is the Self Made Strategies Hustle Story about Marti Lieberman and Pamela Lieberman, of Mac Mart (  Check out this short clip, where we learn about how Marti and Pamela got going on their entrepreneurial journey.
About Marti and Pamela
Marti Lieberman’s Mac Mart debuted on the streets of Drexel University’s campus in the winter of 2013.  Without much experience running her own business, let alone a food truck, Marti knew there were some kinks to work out but she was determined to succeed. While her cheese sauce was always a hit, she felt like there was something still missing.
Shortly after opening
Marti brought on two people to complete her team: Her sister, Pamela and her (now husband), Garrett Jablonski. By combining Marti’s background in public relations, Pamela’s love of all things culinary, and utilizing Garrett’s brawn for day-to-day operations, the bright pink truck became an instant hit at private affairs, night markets, and food festivals.

Catering for the likes of Forbes, Starr Events, Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia 76ers, Wawa CEO and Executive team to name a few, Mac Mart built up quite a following.
Opening a store
With a large social media presence all over the globe and constantly selling out of the famous Mac and Cheese, Mac Mart figured it was high time to open its first flagship store in its hometown of Philadelphia. After months of planning, Mac Mart opened its doors in Rittenhouse in the spring of 2016 with expansion plans already in the works!

Want to hear more with Marti and Pamela, or more about Mac Mart?  Tune in to the Self Made Strategies PodcastMake sure you tune in this Thursday to the Self Made Strategies Podcast, wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

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