051: How to Improve Your Relationships Using T.R.U.S.T. with Ken Sher, Sher Coaching


Welcome back to another great Self Made Strategies Podcast episode!
This week we sat down with Ken Sher, of Sher Coaching.  Ken is a great executive coach, who also volunteers his time to help individuals going through career transition.  Ken tells his story, on our show, about how he overcame a career transition after a long and illustrious career.

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About this week’s guest Ken and his company Sher Coaching
Ken is passionate about Executive Coaching and his experience allows him to help business leaders and their teams reach their full professional potential.


Ken’s Executive Coaching and business experience is rooted in his 30 years of experience working with major Fortune 200 companies.  Ken has led 3 Johnson & Johnson Sales Training & Leadership Development teams, including one global organization, and his experiences have helped him to address a myriad of business challenges both in and out of the HealthCare market.


Previously, Ken was the Vice President, Executive Coaching Services with Velocity Advisory Group, a fast growing consulting firm specializing in coaching, strategic planning, and workshops/training.  Ken continues to partner with them to support their clients in various ways including as an Executive Coach.


Ken’s approach, when it comes to Executive Coaching or Career Coaching, is based on quickly developing a professional and personal connection that allows the client to be open and honest about their challenges regarding both personal development and business issues. From there, Ken works with clients to map out an action plan for success that is both practical and useful in day-to-day business operations.


For more information, visit http://www.shercoaching.com to learn more about how Coaching can help you.

Show Agenda

On today’s episode we will:

Get to know Ken and hear more about the strategies you can you to improve your business operations
Discuss coaching solutions as a whole
Explore the best ways to improve your efficiency as an executive or entrepreneur

What you will hear Ken talk about on this episode:

Ken’s main coaching methodology 
How entrepreneurs can improve themselves
Why authenticity is important, and why you need to keep it simple (and true to your core values)
The questions you should ask yourself to help find your “why”
The acronym “T.R.U.S.T.” (which stands for Transparency, Results, Understanding, Simply, and Team) and what each of those elements includes
The tools you can use to help entrepreneurs or executives gain self-awareness
How to clarify goals, achieve your development objectives, and unlock your potential
Best practices for an entrepreneur to assess your own strengths and weaknesses
The best ways for people to search for and address areas they may need to change about themselves 
The types of metrics you may use to measure your performance and improvement focus or to measure the shift in others’ perception of the you, as a leader
Ken’s 3 tips for developing strategic business initiatives to support ongoing growth
And so much more!

After you’ve listened to the episode, make sure you visit Sher Coaching (https://shercoaching.com/) to get more information about how Ken may be able to help you.  


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