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About Ken Sher and Sher Coaching
Ken is passionate about Executive Coaching and his experience allows him to help business leaders and their teams reach their full professional potential.


Ken’s Executive Coaching and business experience is rooted in his 30 years of experience working with major Fortune 200 companies.  Ken has led 3 Johnson & Johnson Sales Training & Leadership Development teams, including one global organization, and his experiences have helped him to address a myriad of business challenges both in and out of the HealthCare market.


Previously, Ken was the Vice President, Executive Coaching Services with Velocity Advisory Group, a fast growing consulting firm specializing in coaching, strategic planning, and workshops/training.  Ken continues to partner with them to support their clients in various ways including as an Executive Coach.


Ken’s approach, when it comes to Executive Coaching or Career Coaching, is based on quickly developing a professional and personal connection that allows the client to be open and honest about their challenges regarding both personal development and business issues. From there, Ken works with clients to map out an action plan for success that is both practical and useful in day-to-day business operations.


For more information, visit to learn more about how Coaching can help you.

About the SMS Hustle Story
Check out this short clip, where Ken tells us how he has pushed past adversity (later in his career), and how he got started on his entrepreneurial journey.


Make sure you tune in to the Self Made Strategies Podcast this Thursday, wherever you listen to your podcasts, to hear Ken’s episode.

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