40: Scaling Your Business Through Collaboration – with Alex Hillman – Co-Founder of Indy Hall


Alex quit his job at an agency doing web development to freelance, and it was great. He had freedom to choose what he worked on, and when. He had the flexibility to arrange his work around his life (instead of the other way around). And he got to choose work that was interesting, fulfilling, and productive. The only problem was that he missed having coworkers. That’s why he started Indy Hall as a community of people who want to be each others’ coworkers even if we don’t work for the same company! Indy Hall is a community of people who work their own way (From indyhall.org) The Greeks had a word – “eudaimonia” – which translates to “the good life” which they described as “…rich with relationships, ideas, emotion, health and vigor, recognition and contribution, passion and fulfillment, and great accomplishment and enduring achievement.” That’s what you’ll find at the heart of Indy Hall: great people building authentic and meaningful connections while doing their best work together. Visit http://www.IndyHall.org for more information (FULL DISCLOSURE we record A LOT of the Self Made Strategies Podcast episodes at Indy Hall…and we love them). On today’s episode we will:• Get to know Alex and hear more about Indy Hall• Discuss how to scale your business (or two at the same time like Alex did)• Then we will dive into the scaling strategies Alex has used to grow Indy Hall What you’ll learn on today’s episode: • How to go from being someone who sells services or your time for money, to selling packaged services so that you can scale your business• How to start your own co-working space or your own community• How to package membership models for your business • Aligning the work you do with the goals you have• How to turn multitasking (aka ADHD) into tools for success• Why clarity and strong prioritization is critical to running multiple businesses, and scaling those businesses• Why being a collaborator first will help you grow faster• Why thinking about your “why” and “how” you decide to do something is most important to your process• Why targeted storytelling, making your client the protagonist, is the key to marketing and scaling success• Why you need to know who you are selling to (really well), and how to figure that out• How to do systematic research on your target audience• Why listening is the most critical trait to leading to success• Why the only way you can gain control of your time, is to stop “selling it”• Alex’s best practices (people first always; you can’t listen and react at the same time; and, practicing taking a long view and investment mindset)• And so much more!After you’ve listened to the episode, make sure you visit Indy Hall’s website (www.indyhall.org), get more information, or check out one of their upcoming events. Then go to http://www.SelfMadeStrategies.com for more information about our show, exclusive content and to contact the Self Made Strategies hosts.You can also connect with us on: • https://www.facebook.com/selfmadestrategies/ •• https://twitter.com/SelfMadeStratGs •• https://www.instagram.com/selfmadestrategies/ •• https://www.linkedin.com/company/self-made-strategies/

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