38: Prospecting and Podcasting 101 – with Greg Holdsman, Founder of the Philly Famous Podcast


Greg Holdsman is the founder of the Philly Famous Podcast (https://phillyfamouspodcast.com/) and a life-long Philadelphian and graduate of Philly’s Central High School (274), Greg pursued his academic and athletic path as a college basketball player at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. However, in his first two years, he suffered four concussions and had to retire from the sport he loved. He decided to finish his recovery back home, transferring to Temple University. During his periods of recuperation, his mental and physical activity was extremely limited. This time of struggle is when he became an avid listener of podcasts. In early November of 2017, he started his own podcast, with a focus on the city he loves, Philadelphia! Greg is now nearly recovered from his injuries and has redirected his life and found a new love in podcasting! Greg is passionate about basketball, culture, diversity, racial/gender/sexual/religious equality, social justice, innovation, and youth empowerment. He values honesty, open-mindedness, creativity, kindness, and love. On today’s episode we will:• Get to know Greg and hear more about the PhillyFamous Podcast• Discuss podcasting as a whole• Then we will dive into the prospecting strategies Greg has used to get some incredible guests on his show.On this episode of the Self Made Strategies Podcast, you will learn about: • Why podcasts can be a valuable resource for business owners and entrepreneurs • How to maximize podcasts for business growth• Advice for entrepreneurs or business owners who are thinking of developing their own podcast• Strategies Greg has used to meet some of the notable individuals he has had on his show• Prospecting strategies you can use to get to notable people in your industry• And so much more!After you’ve listened to the episode, go to http://www.SelfMadeStrategies.com for more information about our show, exclusive content and to contact the Self Made Strategies show hosts. Make sure you subscribe to the Self Made Strategies Podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and Spreaker.You can also connect with us on: • https://www.facebook.com/selfmadestrategies/ •• https://twitter.com/SelfMadeStratGs •• https://www.instagram.com/selfmadestrategies/ •• https://www.linkedin.com/company/self-made-strategies/

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