09.01 – Michael Leary from 115 Films


On this episode of The Self Made Strategies Podcast, we sat down with Michael Leary, of One Fifteen Films (www.onefifteenfilms.com), to discuss the reasons why video has become a critical element of your marketing strategy. We also discuss video optimization for marketing on social media, your website and other distribution channels. About our guest: Michael Leary is the Founder of One Fifteen Films (www.onefifteenfilms.com), and is known for his hilarious commercials (http://www.michaellearydirector.com/). Mike has collaborated on hundreds of video and content creation projects to help clients deliver their brand message through creative and engaging content.On this episode of Self Made Strategies, you will learn about:• Why a large number of small businesses and entrepreneurs are using video as part of their content marketing strategy to help their brand stand out from the competition • The types of video production entrepreneurs can use to increase their marketing ROI (Return on Investment)• How video can help businesses meet their marketing goals• Why video is an effective tool for a brand to tell their story• How leveraging video helps businesses increase their conversion rate• How implementing video help an entrepreneur or business create a better emotional connection with their audience• How video has become more accessible now• How visual content can help entrepreneurs to increase engagement with their target audience• Best practices for creating video content that is visually appealing and engrossingAfter you’ve listened to the episode, go to SelfMadeStrategies.com for more information about our show, exclusive content and to contact the Self Made Strategies hosts.Want even more awesome Self Made Strategies content? Follow us on:• https://www.facebook.com/selfmadestrategies/ •• https://twitter.com/SelfMadeStratGs •• https://www.instagram.com/selfmadestrategies/ •• https://www.linkedin.com/company/self-made-strategies/

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