02 – Dr. Margaret Hager, of Swede Family Chiropractic


Have you ever thought about how your physical and mental health affects your performance as an entrepreneur? Have you considered how you might better protect your body and mind so that you can perform at your absolute best? On this episode of The Self Made Strategies Podcast, we sat down with Dr. Margaret Hager, of Swede Family Chiropractic (http://www.swedechirowayne.com/). Here is what you will learn about on this podcast episode:• The major pillars of wellness – alignment, exercise, nutrition, and healthy thinking.• How to live your healthiest life.• Why you should consider visiting a chiropractor and what an adjustment might do for you.• How to improve your eating habits so that you can perform at your best.• How to stay active and exercise, even on your busiest day in the office!• How a little movement, every thirty (30) minutes or so, goes a long way.• And a lot more!After you’ve listened to the episode, go to SelfMadeStrategies.com for more information about our show, exclusive content and to contact the Self Made Strategies hosts. Are you wanting even more awesome Self Made Strategies content? Follow @SelfMadeStrategies on Instagram.

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